XTND’s Wellness Monitoring Solution

We are all feeling the strain of the past few months, with COVID-19 having forced all of us to grapple with the challenges of adjusting to and working in this “new normal”. Remote working has now become “the way we work” and as a result many of us are facing a new set of pressures. Not only are we trying to cope with managing the virus, virtual meetings and new technology, but many people have been impacted financially and as a result may experience feelings of isolation and anxiety which ultimately has a negative impact on their mental health and productivity. XTND’s Wellness Monitoring Solution uses cutting edge technology to help interpret your employees facial expressions and body language in order to provide you with important information about your employees wellbeing so you can, in turn provide them with the right support to help them better manage their stress and anxiety.

In an interview with Employee Benefit News (EBN), Nemesysco CEO Lieberman said “It doesn’t mean that I’m going to invade an employee’s privacy, or that I’m going to ask things I’m not supposed to because that would be completely inappropriate,” he says. “But if I get these indications that my employees are under deeper stress, and I know what topics cause distress, I can ask certain questions about equipment that they need, or their work environment. I can then take actions to manage this properly to make the employee feel better.”

by Mouna Eksteen
Executive Head