XTND’s business model is specifically designed to support assurance companies to successfully prevent and detect anomalies within the claims process, without compromising individual commercial strategies and competitive edge.

We specialize in the early detection and identification of fraudulent trends, syndicate activities and individuals involved in fraudulent schemes in products such as:


Hospital Cash
Back Claims

Life Claims


Credit Life

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Processed 34,286 claims with a collective quantum of R400,461,140.00

Assessed 3,482 high risk claims

Rejected 1,130 claims with a 77% fraud ratio

Collectively saved our clients


Eliminate the pain of…

Benefit by identifying fraudulent behaviour

The VERITAS fraud models use one algorithm with hundreds of patterns, identifying possible fraudulent claims in seconds, with a success rate of more than 80%. The fraud models are constantly updated in real-time investigations and up to date schemes.

  • Access supportive anti-fraud control measures
  • Prevent and detect fraud through sophisticated artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning fraud models
  • Rapid business decisions making with better outcomes
  • Instant cost-effective innovation without making use of internal resources responsible for day to day operations
  • Partnership for life

Reshape risk mitigation of claims

Instantly, automated, effectively and efficiently forever.

  • Validates claims almost immediately
  • Mitigates claims instantly
  • Manages claimants’ expectations daily
  • Lowers your administration burden
  • Reduces your false positive ratio and focusses on real fraudulent claims


XTND follows an end-to-end assessment process during the validation of any claim. Our focus is to identify and prove fraudulent activities during the new business process and subsequent claims process. Our assessment methodology supports a court driven investigation.

Our assessors are qualified Certified Fraud Examiners and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

We believe in partnerships for life, and together we will enhance and optimize your current fraud prevention and detection process, on all your products, to achieve better results in less time, with minimal effort, at a lower cost and within the prescribed Policy Protection Rules and prescribed legislation.

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