XTND’s business model is specifically designed to support assurance companies to successfully prevent and detect anomalies within the claims process, without compromising individual commercial strategies and competitive edge.

We specialize in the early detection and identification of fraudulent trends, syndicate activities and individuals involved in fraudulent schemes in products such as:


Hospital Cash
Back Claims

Life Claims


Credit Life

War Stories

XTND is the proud owner of VERITAS

VERITAS is a web-based analytical tool built to identify high risk claims based on historical, as well as existing claims experience relating to fraud.

The modus operandi of opportunists and syndicates defrauding financial institutions is highly adaptive and continually evolving.

It is important for any institution to adapt faster than the fraudsters by employing cutting-edge tools
and making fraud prevention an integral part of every point in the transaction chain.

VERITAS is a live system that refreshes and updates the fraud model as new data is received from various assurers. It automatically filters claims using sophisticated machine learning predictive models, as well as fraud detection business intelligence rules.  This results in a unique propensity of fraud risk score, differentiating between high, medium and low risk for desktop and field assessments, for each claim.

The model allows XTND to quickly assess which claims are extremely unlikely to be fraudulent, allowing these claims to be paid as quickly as possible and without any further client inconvenience.

The VERITAS fraud models aim to more accurately identify fraudulent claims, greatly reducing the number of investigations performed without materially reducing the number of claims rejected due to fraud.

Industry Challenge


XTND follows an end-to-end assessment process during the validation of any claim. Our focus is to identify and prove fraudulent activities during the new business process and subsequent claims process. Our assessment methodology supports a court driven investigation.

Our assessors are qualified Certified Fraud Examiners and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

We believe in partnerships for life, and together we will enhance and optimize your current fraud prevention and detection process, on all your products, to achieve better results in less time, with minimal effort, at a lower cost and within the prescribed Policy Protection Rules and prescribed legislation.

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