Don’t let your guard down.

Fraudsters strike when you are distracted.

XTND is fully operational and experienced in several solutions without any person to person contact.

  • Remote operating call centre
  • Sharing data/information and data analytics
  • System scoring of claims via integration with Veritas
  • Layer Voice Analytics (an alternative to polygraphs)
  • Lifestyle & Intelligence analysis and reporting
  • Endpoint management solutions

    XTND implemented a working-from-anywhere policy in 2018, our staff are fully equipped to work remotely to ensure business continuity.

    Our COVID-19 protocol

    • All internal and external meetings are held virtually and minimized
    • Examiners and auditors (on the road) will ensure that engagements (face to face) are limited to only those essential – full disclosure of health is expected from both our examiner/auditor and the client/interviewee
    • Client interactions will be via the telephone, using ZOOM, SKYPE or Microsoft TEAMS
    • Employees are regularly informed of the progress and impact of COVID-19 under the World Health Organization as well as public health authorities, Group communication, our customer response plans and Government announcements