Wife and friend insured the deceased on funeral policies worth R1.5 million

The claim was investigated on desktop

The claim was flagged in the Veritas app with a high propensity of fraud score and as such was allocated to a desktop assessor.

The Backstory

A new policy of only 1 month was insured with a maximum cover of R75 000. It was alleged that the deceased was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The policy terms and conditions stated that if death occurred within six months of inception, the beneficiary would be entitled to double the funeral cover amount.

The desktop assessor commenced with a background investigation which also included contacting various family members of the deceased. It turned out, the claimant was unknown to them.

The Findings

During the new business application stage, the claimant insured the deceased as his brother. After investigation, the deceased’s wife told the SAPS Investigating Officer that the claimant was not a family member.

The deceased’s wife was interviewed by the desktop assessor, during which she confessed that the claimant was the deceased’s friend.

Confession Time

The deceased’s wife confessed she had an agreement with the claimant to insure the deceased’s life. They agreed to fabricate the motor vehicle accident story to leverage the double benefit that would be paid out by the insurer.

Confirmation was given by the deceased’s wife that on the day of the deceased demise, he and the claimant were drinking alcohol in a local tavern. He was later stabbed to death at the tavern and his body was placed on the side of the road to disguise the real cause of death.

This information was shared with the SAPS Investigating Officer who confirmed that:

  • The cause of death was due to stab wounds.
  • The claimant insured the deceased life on multiple insurance policies and the total policy proceeds amounted to R1.5 million.
  • The deceased’s wife was arrested and charged with conspiracy to murder, and the claimant has fled the area. A warrant of arrest has been issued, and the SAPS is still searching for the claimant.
XTND investigates fraudulent funeral policy claim of R1.5 million