VeriX – empowering businesses with measurable improvements


Faster Onboarding Time

VeriX’s automated identity verification and background screening reduced onboarding time by 60%, boosting efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.


Improvement in Fraud Detection

With VeriX’s advanced technology, businesses achieved an 80% improvement in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities, safeguarding their assets and customers.


Savings on Vetting Costs

VeriX’s streamlined processes led to a 35% reduction in vetting costs, allowing businesses to optimise expenses without compromising security.


Increase in Compliance Adherence

Businesses using VeriX experienced a 95% increase in compliance adherence, ensuring they met industry regulations and built trust with stakeholders.


Customer Satisfaction Rating

VeriX’s seamless onboarding experience led to a 98% customer satisfaction rating, establishing a positive brand reputation and loyalty among customers.

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