Protect against cyber crime attacks with
Unified Endpoint Management

Find It.

Discover unmanaged endpoints and get real-time visibility into all endpoints to identify vulnerabilities and compliant endpoints.

Fix It.

Fix vulnerabilities and apply patches across all endpoints on and off the network in minutes regardless of endpoint type or network.

Secure It.

Continuously monitor and enforce compliance with security, regulatory and operational policies to keep endpoints secure and protected.

A hybrid work environment is here to stay

But with cybercrime increasing in South Africa by 767% * resulting in an average cost of R6.4m to fix the breach, you need to protect your organisation against the rapid rise in the sophistication and pace of fraudsters.

With your employees working from home and in the office, it creates a massive opportunity for cybercriminals to attack. Protecting all endpoints across all employee devices is critical.

*Source: IT Web

Your employees devices know you

All PC, Android tablets, smartphones, and IoT devices:

  • Passwords in the web browser autofill/file system.
  • Credit card numbers in the web browser autofill/downloaded cc statements.
  • Deleted files – All deleted files including ones not in the recycle bin can be recovered until physical storage space is overwritten.
  • Bank account details – Downloaded bank statements.
  • Recently visited sites – in the web browser cache/browser and history/Cookies.
  • Name and address in the web browser autofill, Windows contacts and contact manager smartphone.
  • Text messages – Text log stored on phone.
  • Phone calls – Call log stored on phone.
  • Contacts – Contact manager.
  • Current location – Readable GPS.
  • Recent locations – Photos and navigation apps.

7 stages of a cyberattack

We must understand that cyber criminals have patience and work in a systematic manner.


  • Asset discovery
  • Detect
  • Investigate
  • Response
  • Query
  • Patch management
  • Software distribution


  • Query
  • Patch management
  • Security configuration management
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Compliance analytics
  • Third-party anti virus management
  • Self quarantine
  • Add-on: PCI DSS


  • Asset discovery
  • Patch management
  • Software distribution
  • Query
  • Advance patching
  • Remote control
  • OS development
  • Power management
  • Sequenced Task Automation


  • Software / hardware inventory
  • Software usage reporting
  • Software catalogue correlation
  • ISO 19770 software tagging


  • OS patching
  • Third-party application patching
  • Offline patching

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