The Veritas propensity of fraud model – a hoax or a prodigy?


3 years old
Funeral assurance market required super fast & accurate segmentation of claims.


XTND’s proven fraud data used

Bella was specifically trained with our vast database of investigated cases with fraudulent outcomes.

What makes the Veritas propensity of fraud model unique?

XTND’s model has a name, Bella.

The model uses one algorithm with hundreds of patterns, identifying possible fraudulent claims in seconds, with a success rate of 80%
8 in every 10 claims that you repudiate will be repudiated on fraud.
No more unnesscary investigations, damaged client-relationships, delayed payments or unwanted expenses.

Bella has no risk of losing her touch like her counterparts in the market.

Data is constantly update with real-time investigation outcomes. = relevant and up to date with fraud schemes.

Reshaping risk segmenting of claims forever.

By Johrene du Toit
General Manager