Junior CFE of the year 2020

Louis Steenkamp – LS Inc

  • At 26 yrs – appointed as the Principal of LS Inc
  • Certified Fraud Examiner 2019 (28yrs)
  • Support the South African Chapter – chair DC, Legal Opinions, Legal Advice
  • Passion for the law
  • Passionate fighter of white-collar crimeOutsourced moderator of Expose IT
  • XTND EXCO member

Motivation toward the anti-fraud profession in South Africa (Advocacy)

We are especially excited to nominate Louis Steenkamp in the category Contribution to the anti-fraud profession in South Africa (advocacy). We firmly believe that Louis has made a valuable and tangible contribution as a passionate and resolute anti-fraud practitioner.

A passion for excellence

At the tender age of 26, Louis was appointed as the Principal of LS Inc – a law firm specialising in Corporate and Commercial Law. Louis has a passion to find ways to meaningfully curb fraud and he, together with his dedicated, young and dynamic multi-disciplinary team of attorneys play a vital supporting role for various businesses who specialise in the fight against fraud and corruption. To achieve this Louis obtained his Certified Fraud Examiners qualification in 2019 at the age of 28. All the current and candidate attorneys attached to the firm are also required to be qualified as Certified Fraud examiners by the end of 2022 – a key strategic goal for the business, that Louis is personally driving This strategy has differentiated LS Inc from other firms as they can render professional, vibrant and modern legal support underpinned by their passion to curb white collar crime.

A commitment to making a difference

Louis is always eager to support the South African Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE SA) during disciplinary proceedings and has acted as presiding officer during several hearings.

Louis also motivates his fellow LS Inc colleagues to take part in disciplinary hearings and because the team is highly motivated and well versed in the CFE SA Code of Conduct, they are frequently used by the South African Chapter.

The combination of Louis’s passions for the law and the fight against white collar crime has enabled him to draft several objective and meaningful legal opinions for the South African Chapter over the past year.

Louis is a talented and energetic attorney who values business relationships. He is always up to date with all the latest developments within the South African Chapter and supports their various initiatives.

LS Inc is an active participant in the 13th International ACFE Africa Conference.