In the process of identifying risk, both employers and business, in general, can mitigate risk when implementing an integrity or ethics verification approach. XTND is the largest authorized Nemesysco call centre using Layer Voice Technology to identify possible red-flags relating to the honesty and integrity of:

  • Job applications in terms of experience, qualifications, career history, crime involvement etc.
  • Employee integrity maintenance in terms of company intellectual property protection, misconduct in the workplace, crime involvement etc.
  • Insurance transaction segmentation in terms of disclosing truthful information at the underwriting stage of a new policy or policy renewal, and/or information relating to a claim, circumstances of a loss leading to the claim, as well as the property claimed for.

The tool is non-intrusive, language independent and identifies truthfulness as well as deception. In the USA alone, more than 75 law enforcements, as well as several financial institutions, utilize the tool. It is also utilized by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies in South Africa, to enhance their risk mitigation.

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