Integrity of staff in the cyber security sphere

When doing business with clients and prospects in the cyber security sphere, it is a common practice to collect and store personal information, for example names, email addresses and phone numbers. This is sensitive data which a company is responsible for protecting and securing.

Trusting a cloud or CRM provider is unfortunately not enough these days. What about staff? The very core of any business’ existence? Do they have enough integrity not to use client data for their own monetary gain? All businesses need to enforce extra security measures to ensure that clients and prospects’ privacy is safeguarded.

Most Cyber Security Companies follow the CIA Triad model to evaluate their client’s security capabilities and risk. Addressing security along these three core components provides clear guidance to develop stronger and more effective security best practices and policies.

BUT what about Cyber Security staff that act outside best practices and policies? They are after all experts in cyber security!

What does integrity of staff in the workplace mean?

Integrity in the workplace comes in many forms, but above all refers to having upstanding character traits and work ethic including sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty.

A well-known definition is: Integrity is doing the right thing (through your words, actions and beliefs) when no one is watching.

Having a high degree of integrity at work means that:

  • You are trustworthy and reliable
  • You practise and encourage open and honest communication
  • You are responsible for your actions

Ultimately, integrity is based on values rather than personal gain.

Layered Voice Technology, your answer to secure integrity

Layered Voice Analytics technology identifies various types of stress levels, cognitive processes, and emotional reactions that are reflected in different subtle properties of the voice. This information provides insights into the way employees think, what troubles them, what excites them, what portions of the respondents speech is uncertain, it highlights those questions that require more attention, as well as highlighting those areas that appear to be sensitive issues for the employee.

LVA uses a unique mathematical process to detect different types of patterns and anomalies in the speech flow, and then classifies them in terms of stress, excitement, confusion and other relevant emotional states.

In this day and age there is great concern over what the staff are actually doing, this can be related to giving out company information, making unauthorized payments or even committing fraudulent activities whilst consulting a client on their security capabilities. This sounds complicated, but the integrity risk of staff can be managed and maintained by using the layered voice analytics technology. It’s easy, reliable and cost effective.

Is your company recognised as a company with an ethical and honesty client centric culture?

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