XTND is an accredited business partner of IBM providing IBM i2 – the most trusted threat intelligence analysis platform for tackling critical missions across fraud, financial crime and cyber threat hunting.

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advanced physical and cyber threats and crimes
with IBM i2.

Turn overwhelming and disparate data into actionable insight and intelligence, in near real time.

Time to move away from manual processes.

Investigators need access to all available data sources to complete and resolve investigations thoroughly. Speed and accuracy are critical, so firms need big data analysis tools and linking analytics tools to efficiently connect data sources and build a holistic view of the threat landscape.

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    Organizations Struggle To Build A Holistic View Of The Threat Landscape

    Of firms use 4 or more data sources to perform an investigation
    Of firms use 5 or more data sources to perform an investigation
    Take three or more days on average to investigate a threat.
    Rely on manual data sources.

    Organizations are struggling with an overwhelming amount of data and data sources that need to connect to create actionable insights.

    They need a system that connects internal, external, and open source data sources to perform threat investigations efficiently. Firms today must often connect four or more data sources to get a useful view of the current and developing threats.

    Some rely on manual search-and-find techniques or spreadsheets, leaving their business and customers vulnerable to attack.

    Which of the following data sources do your investigators rely on to perform an investigation/threat hunt?

    A fuzzy and fractured view of the threat landscape

    Our study shows that over half of firms (52%) are relying on four or more data sources (internal, external, and open source) to perform investigations, and 37% are relying on five or more data sources. Organizations need systems that connect data sources, creating a holistic view of data to properly identify and prevent potentially devastating attacks.

    Only 27% of firms completely agree they have the right resources to proactively identify threats.

    Few Firms are satisfied with their ability to be proactive.

    Efficient and swift cyberthreat investigations are critical for businesses to keep proprietary and customer information safe. This requires a holistic view of all data from internal, external, and open source data sources. Without this, investigators are handcuffed to manual processes and spreadsheets.

    Businesses must implement a proactive threat-hunting strategy to create actionable insights and triage threats before serious damage is done. This requires collaboration from risk, compliance, and security teams across the business.

    Connecting data sources will allow investigators to process an incredible amount of data in near real time and provide the needed context to efficiently and accurately identify threat trends and patterns.