How the LVA helped but what more could have been done? (Reactive vs Proactive)

Laptops are common items in the business world, many people have them, most people travel with them on a daily basis, it is a business tool, but it is also an item that has a monetary value and is difficult to trace if lost or stolen. The company must then replace the item, spend money and time to get the Laptop operational again, not to mention the production time lost in not having a Laptop.

Daily we are requested to assist businesses resulting in performing a LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) due to an incident that has happened with one of their employees. In this one instance, we had a business who’s fairly new employee “lost/left” a laptop on the Gautrain. This was not the first incident for this employee having lost company property.

    This LVA was reactive to the event. The LVA identified discrepancies in the employees statement regarding traveling on the Gautrain with the laptop, leaving the laptop on the train, reporting the incident to the authorities at the Gautrain station, having items stolen or lost previously and being in financial difficulty. XTND then did further investigations and the results were directly relevant to the LVA that was done. The employee was not on the Gautrain on the day he noted it was left on the train. The incident was not reported to the Gautrain station authorities. There were other incidents of laptops and cell phones being stolen/lost and the employee was also in financial difficulty. The laptop was never left on the Gautrain as the employee stated, all resulting in a disciplinary process.

    How else could the LVA have been able to help this business identify problems before many items were “lost” by the employee?

    The LVA can be used not only in a reactive a scenario, but more in a proactive approach. Showing a company that their staff are valuable and loyal with high levels of honesty and integrity.

    Recommendation 1

    Pre-Employment LVA

    All new employees run through a Pre-Employment LVA which assists in identifying issues or concerns before someone is employed. This also sets the standard within the working environment which allows everyone in the team to know that someone has gone through this process and there are no issues with their fellow colleagues.

    If a Pre-Employment LVA was done on the “Gautrain passenger” employee before he was employed, it might have indicated areas of concern which the business could have followed up on prior to making the offer of employment. The business would have saved on replacing the “tools of trade” as well as going through a disciplinary process which is costly and time consuming.

    Recommendation 2

    Integrity Maintenance LVA

    Peoples lives change and from one day to the next peoples situations change, as a result there is an additional Proactive approach which businesses can implement, there can be random or scheduled Integrity maintenance LVA programs, which are done on current employees of a business to identify if there are any issues that can be addressed further. We find that 70-80% of employees have no issues at all and can be given integrity certificates, resulting in a positive experience.
    If the employee was employed but the company and a situation changed in his life which lead to him needing to get money for the works property, this could have been identified in the Integrity maintenance LVA program and addressed immediately.

    The Integrity maintenance LVA is also seen as a deterrence factor, as employees know they are being monitored, resulting in no opportunities for fraud to take place. A small percentage of employees are there to sabotage a business with fraudulent acts, as well as not following process and procedures.
    Many people are afraid to speak up, but this gives them an opportunity to say who or what is happening.
    For every business we recommend a proactive approach along with a reactive one, but with implementing a proactive approach you will minimize the reactive ones required.