Dear colleagues & business partners

On the 1st of September eight years ago, we embarked on a journey that evolved into a much bigger purpose than what we originally envisioned. What started off as CENSEO focussing on reducing insurance claims cost leakage, developed into EOH Forensic Services – a professional fraud-fighting machine.

Yes, we have had our fair share of challenges in difficult economic conditions in South Africa, but our continued drive to eradicate white-collar crime has cemented our solutions and services as a preferred partner of many businesses across both the public and private sectors.

Since our launch in 2010, we released many first-of-its-kind solutions – VERITAS, our LTI-CRM, VERIQUOTE, a non-motor property quantification model, and a suite of integrated Insurance Claims Applications built exclusively for insurance claims investigators. The successes of these enabling technologies led us to further explore the use of technology in the fight against fraud and none more exciting than ExposeIT.

ExposeIT is a suite of products covering from anonymous whistleblowing via smart applications, through short-term insurance claims analytics, as well as a model identifying anomalies to uncover occupational fraud schemes across a multitude of transactions.

At the very core of our success is a team of remarkable professionals driving and pushing us forward time after time. Twenty-three of the original team of thirty-eight who started with us in 2010, are still part of the foundation of our business.

Most of you are aware of the recent EOH Group announcement which saw the birth of NEXTEC, part of the same DNA but taking a different direction into the future. As we enter the new era as part of the Consulting and Advisory Division of NEXTEC, we are given a platform to further innovate and revolutionise the way in which we fight fraud.

To all our colleagues, customers and partners, a big thank you for your trust and loyalty over the past eight years, we appreciate your constant motivation which pushes our boundaries to reach new heights.

Happy 8th birthday, CENSEO!

Servaas du Plessis