Committed to investigating what happened
Identifying who was involved
Helping you recover financial losses

XTND is a well-established, South African owned and financially stable company, with extensive experience in fighting white collar crime and corruption. Our forensic specialists are internationally qualified Certified Fraud Examiners with specialised expertise in prevention, detection and reaction strategies in fraud and corruption. For the past ten years we have adopted policies, processes, standard operating procedures and several industry-leading initiatives in our endeavours to maximise the value-add to our wider customer base, the forensic community, industry bodies, as well as the South African economy.

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    Working closely with our clients and using a hands-on approach, we recover assets or dues for our clients, ensuring at the same time we align with the client’s needs in pursuance of justice. In doing so, we strenuously adhere to all legislation and regulations applicable in the highly-regulated financial and legal services spheres.

    What’s in an investigation?

    • Collection of evidence

    • Review of documentary evidence

    • Imaging of data storage devices and analysis thereof
    • Verifications

    • Interviews

    • Statement taking

    • Tracing of witnesses and suspects

    • Case docket preparation for prosecution

    • Liaison with clients/prosecuting authorities

    • Testifying in disciplinary and criminal proceedings

    • Ongoing support to ensure successful completion of processes

    We can
    help you

    By selecting and partnering with XTND as a preferred service provider, you will gain access to a well- established, best forensic services company with extensive experience and world-class skills. Our 17 Internationally qualified Certified Fraud Examiners are Certified Information Security Professionals who manage every process of the assessments, investigations and tracing disciplines.

    XTND is corporate member in good standing with the ACFE SA, the professional body for forensic practitioners. Our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) function as an expert team with excellent credentials, dedicated to global best practice standards. We extend our geographical service delivery to all nine provinces of South Africa, and are thus well-placed to provide a quick and efficient service.