A Truly Anonymous
Whistleblowing Application

Types of misconduct:


  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Bribery
  • Illegal Gratuities
  • Extortion

Misappropriation of Cash/Stock/Assets

Financial Statements Manipulation

Why a Whistleblowing Programme

Learn how Whistleblower data is protected


  • Unique solution
  • First in Africa
  • 100% ethical
  • Integral to company’s Corporate Compliance Policy
  • Integral to company’s Ethics Programme
  • Reduced risk of retaliation
  • Reporting configured to company’s requirements
  • Allows anonymous interaction
  • Allows attachment of files, documents, recordings, videos

What is not the purpose of a Whistleblowing solution?

  • It is not a platform for gossip

  • It is not a platform to settle personal differences

  • It is not a platform for washing dirty laundry

  • It is not a chatroom

  • It is not a platform to seek sympathy

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